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Zen Bride

I had been thinking about braces for quite a long time but always put it off because I thought I would be too self-conscious. However, when I started planning our wedding I finally decided to bite the bullet and get them done.
I chose Zen as they came highly recommended, I also really liked the fact that they specialise in orthodontics as it gave me even more reassurance that they would do a great job and would be able to provide the most appropriate treatment. I opted for a traditional fixed brace despite being initially nervous about their appearance. I was delighted when I got them on, they were barely noticeable.
I really enjoyed all of my appointments at Zen. Every member of the team is so genuinely friendly and professional. I was delighted with teeth once my braces were removed and now smile much more confidently. I breathed a sigh of relief looking through my wedding pictures that I chose Zen to perfect my smile!
Thanks so much to all of the team at Zen!

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Zen Mum

I first encountered ‘Zen Orthodontics’ as a parent traipsing with her teenage son. The staff were always so welcoming and friendly and nothing was ever a problem. So when I noticed the leaflet in reception about adult treatment it planted a seed in my head. After a few further visits with my son, who is also extremely pleased with his smile, I finally plucked up the courage for my consultation. Aidan immediately put me at ease, and fully explained all available treatment options. The ten months of treatment flew by and I am more than pleased with the results. Thank you so much to everyone at Zen Orthodontics for making my transformation so smooth and easy. My only regret………I wish I’d done it sooner!  

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Zen Groom

Thanks so much Zen!I was always very insecure when getting photographs taken and would always hide my smile. I wanted to get braces so I could be more confident when my wedding came around and thanks to Zen I now have no problem smiling at all
I was delighted that I chose Zen for my brace treatment. From the first time that I visited Zen for my consultation to the day I got my braces off I felt like I was part of the Zen family. From the staff on the front desk to the staff carrying out the treatment, everyone was so helpful and they always had the biggest smiles on their faces making me feel so comfortable and at ease.

Before photo of teeth After photo of teeth

Charlene, 29

Upper and lower fixed appliances. Non-extraction

Before photo of teeth After photo of teeth

Christopher, 17

Male patient space closure case upper and lower fixed appliances. Non- Extraction. 12 Months

Before photo of teeth After photo of teeth

Alex, 12

male patient Class III malocclusion. upper and lower fixed appliances non- extraction. 10 Months

Before photo of teeth After photo of teeth

Emma, 13

female patient. Upper and lower fixed appliances non extraction. 16 months

Zen Orthodontics staff
Zen Orthodontics staff
Zen Orthodontics staff
Zen Orthodontics staff