We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience. Should you have another question or query please do not hesitate to contact our specialist Treatment Coordinator and Customer Care team who will be happy to help. We pride ourselves on having an Oral Hygiene Education program at Zen ran by our Dental Nurse Team.

How long will my brace treatment last?

Brace treatment usually lasts between 6-18 months depending on patient co-operation, appointment attendance and oral hygiene. Most treatments will fall within this timeframe, but every case is unique so it will vary.

Will my brace hurt?

Initially braces will feel strange and maybe a little uncomfortable but this will pass after a few days. Make sure you pick up your starter pack from our Customer Care Team at reception which contains some essentials to ensure your brace journey goes smoothly.

How often will I have to visit the orthodontist?

Once you are in brace treatment , you will normally need adjustments every 6-8 weeks”

What happens if I break my brace between appointments?

Don’t worry. Braces can be easily fixed, however it is important to avoid foods that will damage the brace. If the breakage is causing pain or discomfort, please call our Customer Care Manager’s who will be able to advise you. If not, it is fine to leave it until your next appointment. Please note that several breakages can result in your brace treatment being prolonged.

Can I eat anything I want?

It is best to stick to soft foods like soup and pasta after having a brace fitted, but after that you can eat most foods. Cut up hard foods, like apples, into smaller pieces so you don’t need to bite into them as this can damage the wire on the brace. Avoid sticky sugary foods which can become lodged in the brace and damage your teeth. We advise all patients to stick to the advice given during their Oral Hygiene chat.

How should I clean my braces?

It is really important to maintain good oral hygiene during brace treatment. After your brace is fitted one of our dental nurses will run through our oral hygiene education program with you

Will I be able to play sports?

Yes! However, if you play contact sports i.e. rugby, football, boxing or hockey, we recommend you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and brace. Mouth Guards are available at Zen. We also offer specialist tailor-made gum shields to protect your perfect teeth after treatment.

Will my teeth stay straight after treatment?

Retention is vital! Once your braces are removed you will usually be given a retainer. It is really important that you follow your Orthodontists advice on wearing your retainer to ensure you have the perfect smile for life!

At what age should my child be assessed for a brace?

Because every child is unique, every one will be ready at a different stage. Your dentist will guide you on when the time is right for your child. However, if you feel your child is ready or have a query, please feel free to contact us

Do I have to be referred to Zen through my dentist?

All patients receiving NHS treatment must be referred by your General Dentist.  You as a patient can contact us directly and we will endeavor to help you in whatever way we can.

Is my child eligible for NHS funding?

We are happy to provide NHS treatment for patients that meet the qualifying criteria. However, don’t worry if you are not eligible for the NHS funding as Zen offers a range of discounted payment plans which we can chat further about at your consultation.

Does Zen offer the cross border directive?

Yes, we work closely with the HSE for this program. If you are on a HSE waiting list the Cross Border Directive scheme will part reimburse your treatment at Zen. Contact our Treatment Coordinator for more information.

"The staff at Zen assured me that they had heard every question imaginable about braces and brace treatment. They really helped by answering all my questions, making me feel comfortable and well informed throughout my smile transformation."

Julie, 45