As a smile is something that will stay with a child forever, it’s worth paying attention to it now.

Every parent wants their child to be happy – there’s simply nothing more heart warming than seeing a child smile. Just think of all those special photos of your little one growing up, it’s the most precious thing in the world.

Once children reach a certain age, they might need a little help in straightening out their smile. Let Zen’s dental experts make your child’s journey a smooth and hassle-free one. Contact us today to begin their smile transformation!

Is your child on a HSE waiting list? Contact Zen today to avail of part reimbursement for your treatment through the Cross Border Directive.

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"Zen Orthodontics offers the best patient care to their patients. Every staff member is so professional and friendly. It was a joy to attend."

Susan – Mum of Sophie

So what are you waiting for?

Start your smile journey now. Simply ring us and let us help you.

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